Fundamental data about steel’s constructions

Steel is a material that benefits from several technical qualities, due to the fact that it is a building material: traditional building material in the French Caribbean, it benefits of an incredible robustness, an extraordinary life cycle, an unlimited ornamental power at a competitive price. One of the areas where steel still has to prove itself, in particular in a tropical environment, is where it comes to the resistance to corrosion, which requires a good finish. Only a completed finish can guarantee all the qualities of steel. Today, lots of solutions exist.

Technical solutions exist

In terms of finish, the anti-corrosion protection is at the heart of technical solutions which are achievable today. From now on, it exist very performing products for rustproof protection. The most performing are the epozy zinc products: the epozy binder provides the preservation of the zinc in its condition. This epozy zinc solution is also used for fitting bolt and welding.

How to protect welding and fitting bolt ?

The minimum required for a good welding and fitting bolt’s protection is one coat of primary epozy zinc paint, and three coats of finish paint.

As far as fitting bolt is concerned, it is important to know that all that is cadmium plated and zinc plated provide a bad resistance to corrosion in the French Caribbean. The solution is to apply an additional protection to fight against the conformity issues. Once more, the epozy zinc solution seems to be a good alternative, except for the cadmium plated, where it is necessary to be careful due to the potential risks of electrolysis between cadmium plated and zinc.

Other advices

The execution work, whether it is an application of paint or welding, is not offering the same quality, depending of the place it is being implemented. There is a huge difference between the executed work made in a production plant, with follow up, monitoring, and a large facility for implementation and a realization conceived outside, which tend to be more difficult and less precise.

In relation to paint, there is a trick to make sure that three coats of paint are well applied on some work: use three different tints. Be careful, it is not a simple control tool, but mostly an indicator that allows everyone to know what amount of work that was already done.

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