Galvanized steel

Hot-dip galvanized steel

La galvanisation à chaud

It is well-known that the term « galvanized » covers different methods anticorrosion protection for steel and zinc. In the area of hot-dip galvanized steel, an additional differentiation is made between the various thicknesses of galvanized coating.

The continued galvanization

In the continued galvanization, commonly known as sendzimir, the gross metal strips sheets (coils) are galvanized by a continued process. These are excellent products against corrosion.
This raw material covered with zinc is thereafter transformed by shearing, grinding, welding processes, etc. to give it its final form.

With a coating thickness 350, we have quality product, higher than 275. It is specifically adapted to microclimate locally, and presents guarantees again corrosion, under reserve that phases of treatment and production are being respected.

These products are available since November 2007, exclusively at SOPIMAT.

Durability of galvanized steel
SOPIMAT guarantee that your product qualities will double the life cycle of your structures in industrial and marine environment. This is necessary when you live on an island in an aggressive environment, especially when the wear of materials in a tropical environment is very high. It is also studied by the competitive cluster in Guadeloupe. SOPIMAT is a member of Synergile and invests in the study of: The wear of materials in humid-tropical environment and search for innovative solutions on the topic.

The entire stock of steel is made of products of European origins.